V/O VIZZIES take your audio-only Voiceover or Production demo and give it a video treatment that tells your story, sells your service and reinforces your brand.
There are three levels of V/O VIZZIES:

The VIZZINESS CARD is the simplest, least expensive VIZZIE VIZZUAL VOICE DEMO there is.  Your voiceover or production demo is set to video with one message on screen throughout the duration of the demo.  With motion graphics, and if desired, a visual treatment to your logo (if you have one), the eye-catching visuals will stimulate one side of the brain while your awesome sound track stimulates the other.  Like having your business card flashing right in front of your prospect's eyes while they're listening to your demo reel.


VIZZINESS CARD starts at $150 for a VIZZIE under 90 seconds.  ($25 for each additional minute.)

The VIZZIE VOLUME takes your voiceover or production demo to the next level by not only keeping your name and your brand in front of your prospect while they're listening to your work, but also includes a steady stream of short snippets of text on screen to help tell your story and sell your services.  Whether you want to remind your prospects about your non-union (or union) status or that you're the fastest turnaround artist in the west, a VIZZIE VOLUME can get that message across while your voice is dazzling your prospect's ears.

VIZZIE VOLUME starts at just $300 for a VIZZIE under 90 seconds.  ($50 for each additional minute.)

A vista is a window into the world, and a VIZZIE VIZTA provides a window into your world as a voiceover artist or producer.  Whether you wish to include video you've shot while recording your voiceover sessions or you want to incorporate some of the television commercials that you have voiced, a VIZZIE VIZTA is a VIZZIE DEMO with a combination of motion graphics found in a VIZINESS CARD, short phrases on screen like what's found in a VIZZIE VOLUME, as well as video that you provide to help tell your story and reinforce your brand.

VIZZIE VIZTA starts at $500 for a VIZZIE DEMO under 120 seconds.  ($75 for each additional minute.)

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