RADIO VIZZIES take your radio air check and turn it into a video that tells your story, promotes you as a talent and reinforces your brand.
There are three levels of RADIO VIZZIES:


When you're a radio on-air talent who's sending out air checks to prospective employers, you really need your demo to stand apart from the rest, and a VIZZIE DEMO can help you do just that.  The VIZZIE VIZZINESS CARD is the simplest and least expensive option.  It takes your air check and adds a video track that can include such things as your name (of course), a photo (assuming you don't have a great face for radio), contact info, and even some branding information.  A VIZZIE VIZZINESS CARD is also great for radio stations who want to put up a short snippet on their website showcasing one of their on air talents.

VIZZINESS CARD startS at just $150 for a VIZZIE up to :90. (Add $25 for each additional minute.)

Whether you're a disc jockey, talk show host or other on-air talent sending your air check around looking for work, or you're a radio station that's looking for an exciting new way to showcase your air talent on the station website or in a sales presentation that your sales reps can load on their laptop or iPad to play for clients, a VIZZIE VOLUME is the perfect way to draw extra attention to your air checks or station composites.

VIZZIE VOLUME starts at $300 for a VIZZIE up to :90.  (Add $50 for each additional minute.)

A vista is a window into the world, and a VIZZIE VIZTA is a window into your world.  Maybe into your control room.  Or perhaps into the space where you last made a public appearance and interracted face-to-face with your listeners.  VIZZIE VIZTAS incorporate all the static elements of a VIZZINESS CARD and a VIZZIE VOLUME, plus the element of video clips that you may have shot yourself.  Maybe you have video of yourself doing your show in the control room.  Or perhaps you want to include a snippet of footage that was shot of you giving away that awesome car that your radio station gave away at a remote last Spring.  This is the VIZZIE DEMO for you if you've got sound and video you want to include to dazzle your future employer.  They'll be even more amazed when your audio air check comes loaded with all this video!

VIZZIE VIZTA starts at $500 for a VIZZIE up to 120 seconds.
(Add $75 for each additional minute.)

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