Q:  How do I order a VIZZIE DEMO?

A:  Just go to the CONTACT page and get in touch.  Be sure to include your phone number, and we'll get the ball rolling by contacting you, usually within one business day.

Q:  How long does it take to get a VIZZIE DEMO?

A:  Depends on a number of things.  First, it depends on how many VIZZIE orders are ahead of you.  But assuming our deck is fairly clear, it's a matter of going through the pre-production process of getting your audio demo from you and determining which of the three flavors of VIZZIE DEMO you want, the VIZZINESS CARD, the VIZZIE VOLUME or the VIZZIE VIZTA.  If you want the VIZZIE VIZTA, we'll need to arrange to get a copy of the video clip(s) you want to include in the VIZZIE.  Then we'll need to talk to you about exactly what you want the VIZZUALS to include.  Most of that pre-production process can be done in one conversation. The actual post-production process usually only takes a day or two once you're at the front of the queue.

Q:  How is the VIZZIE DEMO delivered?

A:  We'll send you a link to an online FTP site where you can download an .mp4 video file that you can use to post to your YouTube or Vimeo channel at your convenience.  Or if you prefer, we can post it to ours.

Q:  What are the payment terms?

A:  Like with most video production companies, we require one-half of the purchase price up front, and the other half on delivery of the finished video.  We accept PayPal and a few other payment methods to make things easy.

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